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We propose you here a nonexhaustive list of the sites that you can visit and some of the activities you can practise around Riquewihr.

The city of Riquewihr
The old strengthened city and its splendid houses, you will find a description of this splendid city while clicking on the following link : History.
Click here To see the list of restaurants in Riquewihr.
the little/small train
The small train proposes a visit of the historical center to you, its its old houses, like its vineyard of great vintages. Comments in 7 languages: French, German, English, Italian, Netherlander, Dane and Spaniard in simultaneous translation.
Visit the site ofSmall Train.

The Museum of Unterlinden in Colmar
One of the most visited museums as well as a collection of paintings, engravings, sculptures and other of the Alsacien inheritance.
The official site:unterlinden Museum.
the Mountain of the Monkeys
Come to escape in this Macaques of Barbarie
Visit the website of theMontain of the Monkeys.

The flying of the Eagles
The Flying gives to its visitors the unique opportunity to be able to admire in full sky or with a few centimetres of the witnesses, most beautiful and largest raptors of the world
Visit the website of thethe Flying of the Eagles .
Kaysersberg and its Christmas Market
Kaysersberg, in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard is the native city of the doctor Albert Schweitzer Visit the site of the city of Kaysersbergto know more about it...

Colmar: The Pfister House, the House of the Heads and the Old City...
Colmar, capital of the wines of Alsace has an extraordinary inheritance. Visit theTourism Officeof Colmar to see and know more details...
Eguisheim and the Wolfberger cellars=Eguisheim, another splendid village of the Alsatian vineyard.
Eguisheim, another splendid village of the Alsatian vineyard. Here's a link towards the famous cellarsWolfberger.

Lhe ski in the Vosges
the Vosges, in the North-East of France, 1718 meters hight. They are cold mountains, the climate is continental and there is snow each winter. An ideal place for the people who love skiing.
The Castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg
One of the most beautiful castles of Alsace which was magnifiquement preserved. It is about an immense medieval castle located on the heights of RibeauvillÚ. You will appreciate there the architecture and the splendid sight on Alsacien vineyard and the plain of Alsace.

The Aquarium of the Storks Park and the Otters of Hunawihr
In addition to the center of reintroduction of the storks, the park of the storks and the otters shelters since 1983, a gallery of six aquariums which presents fish of our areas
Visit Internet site: www.cigogne-loutre.com
the excursions in the Vosges
For the people who love the nature, the Vosges are particularly great for excursions. Here an Internet site:Stroll and excursions in the Vosges and in Alsace... =

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